IMPACT, a 501c3 organization that collaborates with communities across the world

I.M.P.A.C.T., founded by Nia Weeks and Damien D. Smith was born out of the collective work of four organizations and companies aiming to support their ability to mobilize each other, allies, and influencers toward a communal goal for communal change through a multipronged digital platform.

Our Mission

Supporting Schools

We are partnering with Black Bookstores across the U.S. to allow patrons to purchase books for students throughout Central Region Ghana.

Making Films

Through our Production Company DETANGLED, IM.P.A.C.T. brings you amazing stories of Black Men and Women from across the Globe! Produced by Social Justice Attorney.


Cyber Justice is an internship offered to middle and high school students from across the world with a variety of tech skills and abilities, but all with a desire to learn evenmore.

About Citizen SHE

Citizen SHE (fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 and Citizen SHE United 501(c)4 are sister organizations that envision a Louisiana that respects and responds to the multidimensional needs of Black women from every walk of life. SHE is weaving a new tapestry of engaged Black women who will become Louisiana’s advocates, operatives, decision makers, and power brokers. SHE’s work reorganizes Louisiana’s power structures to recognize Black women as activists, leaders, and influencers who represent a crucial base of power. SHE’s strategies include leadership development, policy creation, collective advocacy, cultivating candidates, training campaigners, mobilizing Black voters, and engaging elected officials

4910 Rosalie Productions is a multi-platform production company

4910 Rosalie Productions is a multi-platform production company that focuses on Film, Television, & Social Activism. 4910 Rosalie’s mission is to tell stories that represent the complexities of the world around us and give a voice to the voiceless.

About Detangled

Detangled, A Strategic Mobilization Platform Creation Company also founded by Nia Weeks and Damien D. Smith who creates multipronged strategies that assist communities, agencies, and campaigns to: DISCOVER their role in the ecosystem; DEVELOP an integrated community engagement agenda; MOBILIZE a targeted audience towards a communal goal.

More About Detangled

These organizations partnered to develop a dynamic new ideology pertaining to civic engagement and participation throughout the United States and abroad.Engaging experiences influence how we cultivate information, our understanding of the world around us and how we respond to it. People across the world are looking to connect to others by seeking images, topics and content to reflect who they are and what matters to them. Detangled believes that through a multi-integrated platform we can connect and engage with each other by telling and listening to stories that connect us to real life with inventive targeted strategie.