Fighting for the rights of women, children, and families

Nia Weeks is a native of New Orleans, and has spent years fighting for the rights of women, children, and families. Graduating with a law degree from the Loyola School of Law, her post Law School career has been immersed in work that focuses on addressing a variety of systemic issues that marginalized community members have asked to be examined. She is currently the founder and Director of Citizen SHE United, which mobilizes Black Women around the state to actively participate in changing the system so that it begins to work for them and their children. Her work focuses on the intersectional issues of economically and socially disadvantaged black women in Louisiana so that they may be fully informed about their options and be given a full breadth of understanding of the totally of the life impact on any decision they make.

systemic change and drafting legislation

Nia brings over 20 years of grassroots activism that includes: political strategy rooted in systemic change and drafting legislation focused on intersectional community issues. As Founder of Citizen SHE United, Nia has a vision to be a part of the answer to righting the wrongs of systemic oppression in Louisiana. SHE is an advocacy group in Louisiana that is building an aligned base of Black Women who inform, advocate for and enact a collective policy agenda to address the needs of Black Women across the state.

Building power for Black women in Louisiana

Nia’s activities are well-coordinated and supported by an interactive social media presence. Building power for Black women in Louisiana through a comprehensive strategy that builds the skills, capacity, and profiles of Black women who can advance a proactive policy agenda and represent a vibrant and activated statewide base that informs, supports, and advances Black Women’s vision for Louisiana.

List OF Award Winning

  • Ronald McNair Scholar 2002-2004
  • BLSA Regional and National Championship Trial Team Coach 2012
  • Dean Louis Westerfield Award Recipient 2011
  • Blue Williams Outstanding Advocate Award 2010
  • Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition 2011-2012
  • Recipient, Change the Game Fellowship 2017
  • Recipient, Law For Black Lives Fellowship 2017
  • New Orleans Outstanding Woman 2019
  • New Orleans City Proclamation 2018/2019

Mama taught me that to love my children is to love every child in the world as my own…to  shower the world with goodness without conditions…that love is a selfless act that is given with abandonment, wholly and completely and that every creature under the sky’s  protection is deserving of it. Mommy taught me that you cannot judge another’s actions  without knowing their heart and you don’t know their heart until they are remitted to  share…that you must love the heart, cherish the heart, believe in the heart, in spite of the hand because the heart is where the Creator resides.”