Our projects prioritize cooperative organizing by ensuring that communities can engage with each other while simultaneously feeling supported to uphold and maintain their individual cultural identities. We believe that supporting our people means supporting their personal and cultural individualism so they can have access to a multitude of resources and skills and are able to dream big. Therefore, we move all of our experiences via the following principles:

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programs offered

Currently, there is no consistency among funding expectations that support the implementation of experiences or expectation of skills necessary for success for many Global Community Members. Development and access to a clear, consistent resource rooted in the community that is already familiar has the ability to create a stable environment that will allow them to navigate their movement work with more fluidity.

Global Community Members to experience learning

This model will allow organizations to have better access to resources and will advance leadership development. The time spent creating a strategy that compliments in person on the ground work, coupled with the ability to create opportunities for Global Community Members to experience learning in a way that makes sense, is easy to navigate and is presented in a manner that is enjoyable, easy to access, and clear to understand will allows cross integration to develop positive experiences that has the ability to translate to them having a positive interconnected experience. Utilizing and resourcing Global Community Members to activate the community from their own knowledge and access. This also allows us to develop leadership that helps develop a process of connectivity that is organic and sustainable.